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  3. 1. Best Overall: Garmin Dash Cam 65W

VaVa's Dash Cam 2K improves video captures, while retaining the original version's clever rotating design. There's no integrated display, so the Dash Cam 2K is for phone-centric users only. This dash camera has a clever, compact, and handsome design, with lots of high-end features such as voice control and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also provides traffic light and speed trap alerts.

The degree wide-angle lens captures details to the side, but does suffer some fish-eye effect. Video stabilization could be better as well, but it's still a very nice camera overall. The F Pro's night captures are by far the best we've seen, both front and rear. But the system is too reliant on your cell phone for the new cloud connectivity and a few other features.

The Z4 is a nice, basic dash cam with very good performance. It offers great daytime and adequate nighttime HDR video, good looks; and simplicity of operation. We liked the high-powered suction mount and battery-backed parking mode, and the 16GB of bundled storage is a perk worth getting. The only weakness is the lack of a GPS option,. While it lacks extras like driver aids, it's otherwise one of the best dash cams we've reviewed, though unfortunately also one of the most expensive.

The X didn't live up to the expectations we had of a top vendor such as Thinkware. It's pricey and the GPS module is external, but worst of all is the dull, overly compressed video. The c's video captures are surprisingly good--both day and night. Also, only the latest versions will record after volt power is removed and then for only 10 seconds. Still, the price is tempting, and if you think of the unit as a single camera, it's competitive.

The iRadar app is useful, but GPS is only an option. To our mind, the cheaper HD if you can find it is still the better deal. If you're more interested in keeping track of what's going on inside your vehicle than what's behind, the DrivePro , with its integrated interior camera, could be just what the doctor ordered. Uber and Lyft drivers take notice. This is the best dash cam for catching events in the periphery.

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The interface is subpar, but the features are top-notch. Exceptionally steady daytime capture is the best feature of this bare-bones model. This is a nicely designed dash cam with a clever magnetic mount and a very nice feature set. Garmin also knows dash cams—every setting and tweak required is in place, including integrated GPS. However, night video isn't up to current standards, and bumps aren't stabilized in video very well.

There are significantly cheaper cameras with better video. Opt for the nearly identical, albeit pricier, Garmin Dash Cam 55, which offers significantly better captures. The Viofo A is a real bargain, with surprisingly good video for the price, and a boatload of features. The trade-offs: no SDHC card included, and the device is not removable. The Yada shows you don't have to spend a fortune to get an effective dash cam, but it has a few significant limitations. The Aukey's DR01 product features great video captures, day and night.

But the camera stops recording the second it loses power, a potential problem in accidents where volt power is cut off. Home Cameras Updated. They record what's ahead.

Dash Cam Reviews - All Major Cams Compared

Sometimes they record what's behind. Most mark it with GPS or what's the point? This is exactly what you need on the mean streets of modern life. Jacobi Freelance contributor, PCWorld. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission.

Read our affiliate link policy for more details. At a Glance. Cons No infrared interior lighting for night interior captures.

Pricey, especially with the rear cameras. Viofo A Duo. Cons Cable to rear camera is thick and somewhat unwieldy AV output but no cable. Vantrue N1 Pro dash cam. Pros Small and easy to install and use Great day and night video Battery lets the dash cam capture video when the volt dies. Cons Buttons aren't the most intuitive we've seen.

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Pros Excellent day and night video Rotates degrees with a degree field of view Bluetooth remote snapshot button On-board mAh battery allows operation when the car is off. Cons Suction mount only A bit pricey. Pros Excellent front and interior video GPS with map player offers helpful location info Stylish design and nice display. Cons One of the most unintuitive button layouts ever Supercapacitor lasts only two seconds. Z-Edge T4 Dash Cam combo.

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Pros Fantastic design and touchscreen High-resolution cameras: p front, p rear Excellent battery life Parking mode wakes up the camera if the car is disturbed. Cons No GPS capability. Nextbase GW Dash Cam. Pros 3-inch touchscreen display Nice styling and overall design Warm, detailed day video. Cons Weak low light captures.

VaVa Dash Cam 2K. Pros hour surveillance without volt Rotates on the mount to easily capture interior video or happy snaps Optional GPS module and Bluetooth remote "take photo" button. Cons No integrated display Installation would be neater with GPS integrated into the camera or mount. Garmin Speak Plus. Pros Audible prompts let you know when you swerve or tailgate.

Is it worth buying a cheap dash cam?

If you are planning some exciting, intrepid journeys in your vehicle, or simply need a little help with navigation, a dash cam with a GPS system is the way to go. You can see your route clearly, without having to look at a map or phone. Never get lost again. Here are some important features to consider when buying a Canadian dash cam so you can harness the full potential of this awesome technology! Your dashboard camera continues to record a video of everything that goes on inside and outside the vehicle as long as the ignition is switched on.

The videos are saved in the SD card and every time a new file comes in, the old video is replaced by the most recent one. The length of time you can record on the SD card depends on the size. For example, an SD card of 32 GB can store around 90 minutes of video.

The looping feature of your dashboard camera will save you time spent on manually deleting old videos to free space on the SD Card. Instead, the device will automatically delete the old footage to leave room for the most recent footage. If these videos cannot be deleted, your dashboard camera will not be able to record new ones. This means that if ever you need images to prove your innocence in a road mishap or to identify someone that caused you or your car harm, you cannot produce them because they were not recorded.

A looping feature is crucial if the purpose of your dash cam is to keep you covered in the event of a break-in or minor crash.

In order for the videos to be useful, the images must be clear. The clarity of the videos depends on the resolution of the camera.

1. Best Overall: Garmin Dash Cam 65W

A dashboard camera with 4k resolution will produce a clearer image than a camera with a lower number of horizontal pixels such as a P camera. This feature affects the usability of the images taken, especially in terms of security, when you need it most. When someone intentionally causes damage to your car and the camera captures the image of that person, a blurred picture will not be much help in the legal process. It will be difficult to pinpoint the culprit if the recorded image is unrecognizable due to blurriness.

Choose a dash cam with a higher resolution so you will be ready and armed with great footage in the event of a break-in. The G-force sensors can detect if the vehicle has changed direction suddenly, if the pressure has been applied to it, or if it suddenly increases in speed or breaks suddenly. Once the dashboard camera senses this, it will automatically save a video of that event and store it safely.

The recording starts immediately and extends up to one minute. If the pressure is due to a collision or because of sudden erratic movement, everything will be recorded. The video can be retrieved from the SD card to determine the cause of an accident or whatever road mishap happens to the vehicle. This recording will not be deleted automatically because it is saved on different storage space in the card.

The driver does not have to do anything to ensure the data is stored, it is done automatically. You will be driving during daylight and at night, which means different light exposure. The dashboard camera must be able to capture clear images even on a dark night. If it cannot do this, there is no use installing it in your car! You need a dash cam which can serve you no matter the hour or the brightness of the environment outside.

Dash cams that capture clear images at night time have a special video system that can produce a clear image by balancing the bright and dark parts of that image. This means that even if you are involved in an accident at night, you will be able to see what really happened and who was at fault through the clarity of the videos that were captured. This is especially crucial for you if you tend to drive a lot at night.

Sure, you can lock your car, but someone can still harm your vehicle from the outside while no one is watching. If your dash cam has a parking monitor, once you park your car, the camera will automatically switch on when there is a vibration or when pressure is applied. The cam will take a second video, so you will be able to look back and find out what caused damage to your car. The last thing you want is for your dash cam to slip and slide all over the place as you are driving.

Look for a dash cam which has an easy installation process and secure attachment technology. Look for suction cups, easy mounting brackets, and a tool-free, expertise-free installation process which you can do yourself. This dash cam has a high resolution at 4k which enables it to produce clear videos. The wide-angle allows it to capture a wide area around the vehicle with minimal blind spots. This way, the plate number of vehicles in front or behind the car is visible as well as the immediate environment surrounding the vehicle.

The excellent night vision feature will store clear videos even on a dark night. The looping system wipes out old images to accommodate the most recent recordings automatically. Its G-force sensors, parking monitor, and collision detector will help keep a record of everything that happens to your car even if you leave it parked and unattended. It comes with everything you need, including a suction cup, cable clamps, dashboard mount and crowbar.

Thrilled customers rave about the super clear picture and easy installation requirements. See Price At Amazon 2. Next up is the Aukey Dual Dash Cam. This is a dual dashboard camera with a resolution of P which provides super clear videos. One camera sits at the front of the vehicle, and another sits at the back. The front and rear cameras have a wider span of coverage than other solo dash cams. The wide-angle lens allows the camera to capture everything that goes on inside and outside of the vehicle. It can take videos even on dark nights and has a sensor that will initiate a video right after pressure is applied or when there is a vibration.

This will allow the owner to identify the cause of damage even if the car is left in a parking area. This dual camera is really easy to install, so you can easily do it yourself without fuss. You get everything you need, including dual-port USB car charger, sticker mounts, cable clips, manual, suction cups and an impressive month product replacement warranty card. See Price At Amazon 3. Third on the list is the Rove Dash Cam. This dashboard camera captures clear videos with its p horizontal pixels. The degree angle allows the device to cover a wider area around it so you can gather footage of the environment around your car, great for scenic drives and vacations.

The G-sensor helps you discover the cause of damage even if you are not present. If the car experiences a sudden shock or collision, the emergency recording feature will activate, storing the footage away safely so you can use it when investigating the event. We love that this dash cam has built-in Wi-Fi so you can use the Rove app to download the videos straight to your phone.

This is great if you are going on a road trip in a beautiful landscape and you want to share the view with friends and family. The Rove Dash Cam has many amazing features such as: loop cycling, time-lapse video and slow-motion video. See Price At Amazon 4.