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Melissa, my apologies, a typo on the source!!! I had the coupons already clipped and they were in my binder. Good luck finding it. In addition, I am mentioning a few other deals that I forgot to mention in the earlier post, sorry. My apologies if I am duplicating anything off of your list Melissa and Joslyn. This is certainly not my intention … I am just trying to post any additional deals … so ALL of us can get more deals!! Finish Dishwasher Detergent is also part of the Mega event.

I do remember figuring it out in the store but can not remember the exact number. Thanks for listing these deals, going to hit Kroger this week, and possibly Meijer, but most will be at Kroger. Will the diet pepsi coupons work on any pepsi product like mt.

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It have used the different links to print my Roman Meal bread coupons but have yet to read DND and have always doubled for me, maybe I have been getting lucky too!! It definitely seems that I have had a little luck with them doubling automatically and I am definitely missing reading DND on the coupon too. I bought the nail polish, but I think I remember a couple of the other prices in case anybody is interested…. Maybe it changed. None of the cover girl cosmetics were labeled as part of the sale when I went in today.

I have a cheesey question. Does anyone by chance know when the Kroger in Howell restocks their shelves or their delivery schedule. I was hoping someone on here would know before I had to call the store. But the last few months when ever I do go, they are always missing a few items.

Am I the only one? You cannot move the ball. Someone mentioned kicking when the refs arms are up. I still have not won. I did find lots of peelies and extra coupons on things I was going to buy Snapple. My only problem was some of the items were damaged, my cereal was all crushed, which I just exchanged for a new box, but this was a shock since this store seems like the Macys of grocery stores.

I just went on the Betty Crocker site link via cinnamon toast crunch printable and they have 2 other good coupons. She said that they stopped taking them. She talked to another cashier and they took them, but she said she was told they are no longer going to take them. There are a lot of fraudulent smartsource coupons out right now and the stores have been getting e-mails to make sure they do not take those. Some stores may be going beyond that because their cashiers may not be careful enough to differentiate between a good coupon and a fraudulent coupon. Who said they were fraudulent and are you talking about the Sunday paper Smartsource or online Smartsource?

How do we know which ones are fraudulent? They are printable coupons and not all smartsource printable coupons are fraudulent, just the ones that people are making. Not the ones from smartsource. That is funny. Only certain stores have limited SS printable coupons. According to the link posted on here it is a big misunderstanding and will be sorted out soon!! When you go to this link they explain what happened.

There is also a link on that site to click on and the site posts a list of the fraudulent coupons that are floating around. This explains a lot…. I may try this, I think I have a couple coupons left, but if anyone else would like to first and let me know, that would be great. Either Meijer tags are wrong or the offer is still valid. This is for the Nestle Pure Life Water. I too would like to know if the Pure Life water offer is still going.

I was excited to stock up on the water for my kids for sports.

Black Friday Deals NOW 11/23-11/26 - Target Deals 11/23-11/30/2014

Anyone have any new info? Is it just that store, or all the Krogers? The offer is at all Krogers. Did you get any other catalina print outs this morning. Just asking because I may go test it later today. I am going to Kroger tonight and the Pure Life water is on my list. I will let you know if I get the Cat. I was wondering how do I e-mail Catalina?

I bought the cheesy skillets and the Van De Kamp that was supposed to print a Catalina I did not receive either one. Did anyone else have that problem. My friend and I both purchased the Van De Kamp fish and both received the Catalina as we had expected. Go to this site, fill out your purchase information, and usually within a day or two, I have a response as below. Your request has been forwarded to our Fulfillment Department for processing.

You can expect to receive a replacement coupon within 10 business days or less. You can call Tina but the wait time is very long and all they are doing is taking down all your information too!!! Good luck. I generally copy and paste the Catalina promotion too when filling out the report just to give a little more supporting evidence. Prior to, be sure that you purchased the right product, the right product size, the right time frame, etc.

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I always get in the habit too to check for the little green light on the Catalina print out machine at the store to be sure that it is on and working. Thanks, because I never thought about looking at the machine to see if it is on or not. Michelle, as Melissa had mentioned in response to an earlier post, it sounds as though stores can vary a little. On Tuesday in Davison, it was not part of the buy 5, save 5 event, as well, I just checked my receipt again!

Maybe they didnt scan your 4th box or your stores registers are set up different. I used 5 of the Nature Valley bar coupons in Jackson and had no beeping. Ya that is fine because you had 3 coupons for one product oatmeal squares and 2 for a different product thins. I may have misunderstood her question but an example of what I meant was, I use to be able to use three identical newspaper coupons, as well as three printable coupons, on the identical item but not any more. It seems now that it is maximum 3 even if a slightly different coupon for any particular item.

Are you saying the register actually beeps on the 4th coupon or that the store will no longer accept them? This is exactly what I was thinking too Dawn until a few months ago until I learnt differently from Kroger and Vg;s. I think somewhere along the line they changed this up as they use to let you use any combination of coupons, printable vs circular, varying coupon values, etc. So, say for example I chose to buy 3 Peanut Butter Oatmeal Squares with coupons from the paper and 3 Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Oatmeal Squares with printed coupons — all in one transaction… would that still work???

He is the only worker who has ever done this to me. Anyone else ever have this happen? I try to write down all the detail such as ounces, etc. It is random…. Nestle Pure Life water did not work. So catalina offer is over I believe. I did however get many new catalina prints for oyno deals starting Monday. My Kroger had them marked down to 6. Went to Kroger, in Swartz Creek, today. Catalina machine shot out a few more Catalina Promotions. Here they are: Buy 2 cans of StarKist 12oz.

Thanks for the a above mention about Mio. Mine are on one receipt, so I chose the dishwasher tabs since they were more expensive! I have made more than my fair share of mistakes. I went to Kroger this week, and found lots of peelies, and some that I will save for later. I might just be excited because Meijer never has peelies or blinkies! Where would the Hormel Sandwich Makers be located at Kroger. They are with the shelf microwaveable meals. My store has them by the box macaroni and cheese, Barilla microwaveable meals, Velveeta Cheesy Skilletys.

I remember when I got the braces off and how slick my teeth felt. It took me a good year to stop licking my teeth. A mustache might work but again with the food thing. If I did grow one I would want to have one of those handlebar mustaches. They just look cool or maybe eight other people and I would think so. At Christmas I would hang ornaments off of it. That would be neat. I thought I had sprouted some wings one time only to find out it was an ingrown hair on my back.

I keep trying to have pigeons bite me on my shoulder blades figuring one of them has got to be radioactive and that would cause me to grow wings, sorta like the radioactive spider did with Spiderman. If I was taller that would be great too. I threw some fertilizer on my Dr Scholls in my shoes to help spur along my growth.

I microwave my shoe and eat right from it when I want a quick snack. Maybe eating my little harvest will add a few inches to my frame. I have some gray hair now. If anything I would dye it green or blue since those are my favorite colors. Back to my look.. I could get a tattoo.

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Then again, I know some people that had to get theirs taken off and it was painful for them. I could do some teardrops next to my eyes. That seems to be in yet. I could look at it when I get lost and find my way back home.

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A 3-win tattoo. Cartoon characters wear the same clothes and always look the same and they are ok with it. If looking the same is good enough for Beavis, Sponge Bob, or Snoopy then I should be ok with it too. Eat your heart out Joan Rivers and Bruce Jenner. They expire Dec 1st.

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Bonus card good from January through February Laurello is getting there. Old Mill is unique. Grand River can be fun. Chalet Debonnet has a great outdoor facility. Also find out how to save money on restaurants, utility bills, cell phones, travel, gas, and tons more! Swim Program lessons, taught by an instructor from Infant Aquatics. Valid at two locations in Chagrin Falls and South Euclid. Choose between the following options:.

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Note: Some restaurants may not allow the code. Over 18, restaurants across the U. Offer good through Nov 14th. As each item sells out a new spectacular deal appears.

Decorated Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

Watch the yellow light to see how close it is to selling out. A variety of items are sold on Woot. You never know what you will find. Free Gift Card s will be sent to you with your order but will not appear in your shopping cart. Gift Cards can be redeemed online at www.

Gift Cards cannot be redeemed at any restaurant. Good Sun and Mon only. I found out she was a couponer! She does CVS extrabucks. She was real good to work with on the story. I asked her to wave to me. Their prices are a bit higher than Giant Eagle, but you can find deals there with the double coupons.

Save $1 off Filippo Berio Olive Oil with Printable Coupon

Stay tuned! Hundreds of coupons for Northeast Ohio area restaurants, golf courses, fast food, pizza, dry cleaning, wineries, entertainment and more! Best coupon book available! Coupons cover an area from Amherst to Ashtabula to Akron! Most offer half off dinners for those dining alone! I put together a page booklet filled with tons of tips and tricks to save money.

Jami’s TOPS Trip

Great for someone just starting out or wants to learn more ways to save money. Join me on Saturday, November 12th at AM for a free coupon class session. What is the Big Red Wagon? The sale is set up in a department store atmosphere organized by size, gender, and category. It is a great way for families to earn money on the things their kids no longer use and save money by purchasing great quality items at a fraction of retail.

Sell your stuff where buyers shop! No ads, no price haggling, and no worries. Donate your unsold items to charity and you receive the tax benefit. Everything you want…all under one roof! Or print this:.